The fact is that all PEOs and ASOs are different; some are best at providing a strong benefit package, others provide a more proactive HR resource, some have great technology, and like anything else, some are just not going to be the right fit for your needs.

PEO Concepts will drastically reduce the time and effort it takes for you to find your PEO or ASO partner the first time around, and by utilizing our services we make it easier to get the information you need to quickly compare, contrast, and find the right partner.

PEO/ASO Customers

The following are typical issues first time users and existing customers have when reviewing the industry

  • Not enough time to review multiple vendors thoroughly.

It can take up to 40 man hours to properly compare and contrast outsourced costs to existing overhead expenditures when comparing 3 PEO/ASO companies.  Doing so yearly can be an expensive exercise for a CFO. 

  • Not enough industry specific experience to properly compare costs and benefits

Many business advisors such as accountants, insurance brokers and business attorneys do not thoroughly understand the industry and its complexities.

  • PEO/ASO brand recognition.

There are many providers out there and most companies that review an unfamiliar industry for the first time go directly to the big names initially.  You could be missing out on a more appropriate solution and partner by not thoroughly shopping the marketplace.

Finding a PEO in Colorado, managing the proposal process and making a decision is time consuming and requires your staff to spend valuable hours communicating with each PEO on potentially a daily basis.  Our process allows you to avoid unnecessary emails, phone calls and keeps you in control of the process.  Gathering the information needed for a proposal only once allows your employees to focus on running the business and allows us to deal directly with each PEO in an organized and consistent fashion.  You are then able to concentrate on the important part, making an informed and timely decision based on a thorough understanding of the industry, the services and the financial realities of a potential partnership.

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