Proposal Gathering and Vendor Comparison

peo colorado

Finding a PEO in Colorado, managing the proposal process and making a decision is time consuming and requires your staff to spend valuable hours communicating with each PEO/ASO on potentially a daily basis.  Our methods allow you to avoid unnecessary emails, phone calls and will keep you in control of the process.  CFO’s and Controllers can spend upwards of 50 hours managing the proposal process when comparing the services of 3 different vendors.  Let us manage the process on your behalf and educate you on the particulars of a relationship.  

PEO Concepts will provide a comprehensive financial report detailing the costs associated with outsourcing HR to a PEO or ASO: administrative fees, employee benefits, workers compensation, setup fees, and taxes.  Our detailed cost comparison allows you to clearly understand all associated costs and compare to your current HR overhead expenditures. 

You are then able to concentrate on the important part, making an informed and timely decision based on a thorough understanding of the industry, the services and the financial realities of a potential partnership. 


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